Round-the-clock Surface Protection against
bacteria, viruses and other pathogens


Made in Germany

NOMOBAC is a high-tech surface finish which provides long-lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, algae and mould.

We have refined the NOMOBAC formula over a 10-year development phase with one key goal: To achieve sustainable protection of surfaces from a wide spectrum of pathogens and mould.

Today, NOMOBAC achieves an anti-microbial efficiency rate of 99.99% without the use of silver ions and nanoparticles.

NOMOBAC works round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


A single coat of NOMOBAC produces a rapid kill against a wide spectrum of pathogens, including multi-drug resistant bacteria.


Most anti-bacterial solutions disinfect surfaces temporarily. NOMOBAC is durable as it bonds with the surface and does not wear off easily.


Our state of the art production processes assure clients the promise and guarantee of German quality. Independent laboratory tests are conducted for each batch to ensure we meet our promises and the expectations of our clients.

Free from nanoparticles and silver ions.

Unlike most anti-bacterial agents, Nomobac does not contain nanoparticles and silver ions, which are highly absorbable and toxic for humans. This makes Nomobac the safest anti-microbial coating on the market.

Green technology

NOMOBAC is water-based. It also does not migrate and leach into the environment once dried, posing no risk to the environment, humans or animals.


NOMOBAC can be applied on all kinds of materials such as metal, wood, hard plastic, glass and stone.

NUS Testemonial

The Immunology Program at the Life Sciences Institute suffered from bacteria and mould infestation, causing staff to fall ill. We coated their cold storage room, incubator and freezer. One year later:

The cold room is definitely cleaner and smells so much fresher. Thank you so much for your product and your team's hard work. Still as pristine as the day it was done. We are delighted with the performance."

Immunology Program Life Sciences Institute National University of Singapore
Yellow Cab Testemonial

I operate a famous pizza chain called "Yellow Cab". I use Nomobac on all my kitchen counter tops and dining area. For me, food safety is very important. The Nomobac team were able to come in and coat without disruption to my business.

Tiara Chopra
Owner & Director Yellow Cab Pizza, Singapore

Where can I use NOMOBAC?

Anwendung in der Hotellerie

Office Hygiene

Food and Processing


Transport & Aviation

Anwendung in der Hotellerie


Industry & Manufacturing

Animal Care

Water Supply & Storage

How do I use NOMOBAC?


  • 1
  • 2
    Apply NOMOBAC
  • 3
    Let it dry

Pre-clean the surface

Ensure it is grease free.


Apply an even layer by wiping, rolling, painting, dipping or airless spraying, whichever is most practical and convenient. For large surfaces, ask us for professional application.

Let it dry

  • Ready to touch/use: After 30 min
  • Bonding stabilised: After 24 hours
  • Chemical curing completed: After 7 days
  • For disinfecting surfaces with 70% alcohol, please wait until the chemical curing is completed.

Got a question?

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NOMOBAC Insights

How it works

Most anti-bacterial disinfectants only offer temporary and superficial protection.

NOMOBAC on the other hand, bonds with the surface resulting in continuous round-the-clock protection through a dual mode of action.

Physical mode of action
NOMOBAC fills up and seals surface pores where pathogens nest, feed and multiply, thereby destroying the habitat that pathogens require to proliferate.

Chemical mode of action
At the same time, NOMOBAC contains an anti-bacterial agent which actively interrupts cell division.

Through this dual mode of action, NOMOBAC passively and actively inhibits proliferation of pathogens, round-the-clock.

Application Areas

In laboratories and clean rooms, hygiene is of particular importance. NOMOBAC aids in creating a pathogen-free environment, hence, reducing the risk of cross contamination or falsification of lab results.

Hospital-acquired infections is a real threat to public health and current disinfection practices are simply ineffective. During disinfection intervals or when staff omit to thoroughly disinfect, NOMOBAC works in the background, offering continuous protection.

Technical Data

  • Kind: Water-based
  • Colour: Colourless
  • Odour: Characteristic/ mild odour during application/ odourless after application
  • Anti-Bacterial Efficiency: 99.99% efficiency against wide spectrum of bacteria
  • Biocompatibility: Biocompatible to human skin
  • Hardness: Scratch-resistance (5H)
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant against hospital-grade disinfectants (in wipe form) and cleaning agents
  • Application method: Spray and/or wipe
  • Coverage: 1 litre of Nomobac covers about 150m² of surface area
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Our Company

Who we are

IGT is incorporated and headquartered in Singapore. We help selected small and medium German enterprises with product development and market research to enter Asian markets. We bring together expertise in surface and material technology from acclaimed institutions in Singapore and Germany to strengthen product validation, explore applications in various industries and leverage on new technologies. We are also well-networked with industry players and distributors in the Asia Pacific.

What we do

As the Asia HQ, we manage and provide technical support to our business partners. We are also responsible for the selection and appointment of partners and distributors in the region. Currently, we are working closely with National University Hospital Group (NUHS Group) in Singapore to run clinical trials, the first of such trials to be conducted with clinically significant and patient-centered outcomes. We are also running a series of other industry specific trials to meet customer requirements. We have completed trials at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

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